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Of course, we will know.

Do we really have to disassemble the heads of the bolts to add the cord?  I
would think we could find a way to add cord to the existing bolts.  The
latest siege engine handbook says:

spliced golf tube javelins - splices secured with cord and filament tape,
single tennis ball head tied
on and taped with filament and duct tape. The tubes may be reinforced with
medium density
foam (such as pipe insulation) in order to prevent crush damage. Film
canisters, PVC rings, and
similar non-brittle, non-metallic lightweight reinforcements (securely
attached) may be used at the
butt end of the javelin. Non-rigid fletchings may be used. Javelins will be
at least forty-eight (48)
inches and clearly marked with a yellow spiral the length of the shaft.

Since the tennis balls are already "taped with filament and duct tape", they
just need to be "tied on".  We should be able to find a way to retrofit the
500 bolts we have and meet the letter of the rule.


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OK.  I'll bite... How are they going to check how they are held on, since
they are wrapped in so much *#F(&^ duct tape.

(getting a little irritated)

(whose only occupation at war next year might be "ballista momma")

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>You are half correct.  We started making the bolts to
>the new specifications, but after completing about 75,
>we decided this was taking way way way too long and we
>opted to finshe the rest under the old rules and hope
>the BoD had enough sense not to pass the new rules.
>Unfortunately, they did pass them.
>Our bolts fail in that they are not tied with "cord".
>that's all.  unfortunately to make this modification
>we may have to disassemble the heads of the bolts(not
>a good thing).
>As far as converting our old bungees, making a tortion
>hole carrier is not all that hard a thing to do.  I'm
>looking forward to seeing your ideas.  It's always
>good to have multiple people working to solve the same
>issue, inevitably ideas come out that have been
>overlooked by someone.
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