[Elfsea] re: Iron Lance Ballista

Adam Harrison concrete_donkey at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 1 13:50:01 PDT 2001

Tangwystl wrote something to the effect of:

 We and the Lance are aware of the pertinent issues
and they have the material and know-how and are ready
to take care of it when it arrives

That's great news.  It takes a burden off of our

The one concern I have is it was my understanding that
this was meant as a sort of "thank you" gift for their
two years of service to us at Gulf Wars.  I'm not sure
how well that's going to show if we send them that
ballista in it's current state.  In my opinion, it's
kind of like saying "you only did half of what you
could, so here's half a new toy"

Wouldn't you feel much better if someone gave you a
complete ballista ready to go, rather than a ballista
that you would have to take home, rebuild, and then
take on the field at least an event later?

If we can finish it up before we send it off, why
shouldn't we?  Think of the joy the Lance will have
when they unpack the ballista, expecting to have to
repair it, when much to their surprise it's fully
functional and ready to go right there.


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