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Baroness Aine Robyn Murchadha ainemurchadha at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 1 19:35:19 PDT 2001

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OK I admit it.  I have been "lurking" off & on forever.  I couldn't wait to get my Elfsea Scroll every month just so I could catch up.  Although I got "lost" from the mailing list from time to time so I didn't always get them.

FYI, I received my GOR (Grant of Rank) at the time of my investiture as Baroness.  I also received my court barony at the time I stepped down (and it was back-dated to the day I became a landed baroness).

For grins, I attended a Coronation a couple of years ago, my first event back after a five year absence.  The banner with my arms I had brought with me had the Elfsea arms in canton.  Some helpful young man (herald?!) came rushing up and gravely announced that whosoever arms those were they needed to be taken down and removed because nobody had the right to wear the Baronial arms upon theirs.  Well maybe the current Baron & Baroness but I needed to fix my banner.  I asked him if he was absolutely sure about that and he might want to check out his facts.  Well he returned and informed me that maybe the founding Baron & Baroness could and would I quit being so difficult and remove my banner ASAP???  Being in stealth mode is so much FUN!  Don't worry, someone told they poor soul who I was, I wasn't about to (just being onary in my old age and loving it!).

Aine Robyn

PS  Are you looking for a "complete" listing" of all the ants?  I thought you were just looking for the current owners still playing.  Oh, I have a question.  Although I gave a bunch of them (ants) away, I never did receive one (or did I?).  Same with the Keystone?!?!?

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