[Elfsea] bolts and cord

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Wed Aug 1 22:48:40 PDT 2001

VIVAT! to you both.

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>Adam Harrison wrote:
>>Simply put, it is my belief that to disregard the
>>rules changes(however absurd they may be)and "cheat"
>>our way onto the field undermines the goals of our
>>society and ultimately makes us losers on the inside
>>with guilty consciences, even if we on the outside
>>carry the day and come home winners.
>Vivat, my friend.
>If we allow the people, who are trying to eliminate a period way of
>death from the field, to win, we also have lost.
>Stupid rules are still "the rules".
>Do not figure out a way around them, figure out a way to change them.
>For those of us who remember "that time in history".
>"We shall overcome"
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