[Elfsea] Thank you!

susant@unt.edu susant at unt.edu
Thu Aug 2 06:43:59 PDT 2001

On a totally different topic all together, I just want
to give a HUGE THANK YOU to (in no particular order):
Arabella, Xene and Tanwyn and all of the others who
helped plan the events for the Summer Mom & Dad's Club.

I also want to thank all of the children who attended
that helped with ...and tolerated...little Daniel.  He
was a handful at times.  THANK YOU!

Because of work, I didn't get to attend but a few of the
events, however, I truly had a wonderful time.

THANK YOU for making the Summer so much fun!

Lavina and little Daniel

P.S.  Can we PLEASE do this again next year?  Start out
making tye-dye t-shirts again and go from there?  Pretty

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