[Elfsea] ants

Vicki Marsh XaraXene at Home.com
Thu Aug 2 07:00:32 PDT 2001

Aine Robyn wrote:

I don't remember scrolls although they may have happened at the very end
before I stepped down.  You know how heralds are, they just stick things
under your nose and tell you to sign.

Xene here,

Good to hear from you, o predecessor of mine (would you be my grandmother?
Great Aunt, or Second-Cousin?),

I had to laugh with you about the heralds.  I always signed the scrolls that
the heralds and the scribes put in front on me, too.  I tried to read what I
signed first, just so I knew what it was.  Of course, I *could* have signed
away my left toe and not been aware of it right before a court (when about
50 million things had to be done and everyone at the event wanted my
attention for something!!).

Thank you again for a great group.


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