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Vicki Marsh XaraXene at Home.com
Thu Aug 2 07:32:39 PDT 2001

Mistress Xene here after seeing so many lovely babies at Queen's Champion
this weekend:

--Curstaidgh wrote:
"Excellent advice and thank you for the reminder!  For further thought,
keep in mind the little ones who won't know to complain or say anything, and
our four-legged friends who depend on their owners for such care, too."

When I had my son, Anthony, the pediatrician actually told me that I didn't
need to give my baby water to drink, that the formula would be enough.  When
I took Anthony to his first Bryn Gwlad event with temperatures in the 90-100
degree range, I made sure that he had cool water to drink and he was much
happier.  The extra bottle of water is also beneficial for the other end, as
it keeps the stools less gummy and easier to clean...Yukkkk.

A cool bath during the day also refreshed him and made him less cranky
(which made *me* less cranky).  Just a Rubbermaid tub filled halfway with
water and a little bath will do.  Mom can even add ice *after* the baby's
bath, then soak her feet in it:)

For nursing moms, water is *very* important, as is keeping your electrolyte
level up.  Bananas, oranges, and grapes are good.  One of the fainting
victims that I dealt with at an event was a nursing mom who wasn't paying
attention and hadn't eaten that day.  She had fed her child, but hadn't fed
herself - except for a breakfast Coke.  Hmmmmm, wonder why her blood sugar
got so low she passed out?  Not to mention the caffiene in the Coke helping
to make her heat intolerant.

A note to those with infants and camping out a lot - I found that my child
did better if I brought in our own water.  Site water often upsets the
little stomachs.

Check and change the baby more often than usual.  They will sweat-soak a
diaper, then wet in it just a little, then break out in a horrific diaper
rash with the plastic holding the heat and ammonia next to their skin.  Take
twice as many diapers to an event as you might usually use.  The same
applies to diaper wipes.  Take it easy on the baby fruit juices, too - water
them down a lot.  While the baby could use a little potassium, too much acid
is really bad for their little bottoms.

I really liked the 100% cotton onesies to dress my baby in.  It soaked up
the sweat and helped to cool him.  It also made it easier to pick up a
sweaty baby.  Again, take extras to change them into after the cool bath.

If you use a portable crib, you can place a battery operated fan outside the
crib - pointing towards the baby - to give some air movement. Maybe even put
a wet towel over the top of the crib for a water cooler effect.  Don't leave
your baby in a hot tent or in the sun.  That *should* go without saying, but
some people don't think about the temperatures that can be reached inside of
a crib set inside a nylon tent in the 100 degree sun. A list field pavillion
under a shady tree is probably the best area for a crib.

Also, make *sure* that you lock your car at events.  Children have been
known to climb into an unlocked car, then not be able to get out and die
from the heat.  Even the best of parents can lose sight of their child for a
few minutes.  Also, keep an eye on children going into the Porta-potties.
The ones that are in the full sun during our 100 Degree weather are like a
sauna.  If a child were to get themselves locked into one of those, it would
be *very* bad.  Yes, I'm a paranoid mom.....

In Service,

Xene Theriane

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