[Elfsea] Baroness stuff!

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Thu Aug 2 11:48:05 PDT 2001

Quoting Baroness Aine Robyn Murchadha
<ainemurchadha at earthlink.net>:

> Oh, I have a question.  Although I gave a bunch of
> them (ants) away, I never did receive one (or did
> I?).  Same with the Keystone?

I'd be really surprised if you'd gotten an Ant.  You
and Arthur were too classy to give awards to yourselves.
The award is closed now, but keep coming out and doing
what you do, and I'm sure you'll have a Portcullis
before you know it.

OTOH, you _are_ a Keystone.  When baronial armigerous
orders are created, the Crown bestows the first on the
current Baron & Baroness.  (Indeed, anything else would
have been a scandal that I'm sure I'd have heard of at
the time.)  And in the OP, you are so listed, with
Arthur, as the first companions.  I'd be happy to
supply you with a medallion, if you don't have one.

- Galen

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