[Elfsea] need to hire housecleaning help

Shelly Edwards Rebekah.of.Newcastle at pandora.org
Fri Aug 3 14:19:01 PDT 2001

>GRRR!!! CPS!!!! GRRR!!! They are nothing but a bunch of undertrained,
>ill-mannered, Neo-Nazis who are only out to make a family's life miserable!

Actually, most are highly educated (Master degrees), highly trained (intensive training at the CPS academy), and severely unpaided (worker with a Master's degress in Social work and 4 years experience on average only earns around $27,000), and severely over-worked (most carry a case load of 15 to 30 cases and work about 60 hours a week).

>Message to other parents...please be careful of these workers of what you
>say to them. They will turn and twist your words to fit their needs if they
>don't like you. If you are asked a question, give truthful, but short and
>quick answers. Be polite, but be firm with them. Remember you have basically
>no rights with these people.
>Sorry, I'll get off my CPS soap box.
Yes, you should be truthful with them.  Yes, it helps to be polite.  But no, you have rights and the burden of proof is on the case worker.  Everything they do on every case is reviewed by their supervisors weekly.  Any time they seek to remove a child from it's home, they have to have enough evidence to convince their supervisor, program director, a 12 member review board, the Dictrict Attorney and a judge.  And if you have a problem with a case worker, you can and should speak to their supervisor.  If that doesn't help, you can go to their program director and then a review board.

CPS workers don't work there for the pay, it sucks.  They don't work there because it's an "easy government job", it's not.  They have, in my opinion, one of the hardest, most emtionally draining, unrewarding jobs there is.  Most have seen things that would make anyone sick or cry.  Most don't tell that they work for CPS or they are treated like they are the criminals.   They do it to protect the ones they can.


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