[Elfsea] beer for breakfast (was: need to hire housecleaning help)

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I have heard that beer is not just for breakfast anymore.


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>Subject: [Elfsea] beer for breakfast (was: need to hire housecleaning help)
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>There won't be any cold pizza to go with it.  Personally, I don't like
>and y'all have razzed me about it, but I can MAKE it, so does that redeem
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>Madelina wrote:
> >Please email me your phone # privately.  We are going to have quite a
> >housecleaning party, it seems!  Logan said he'll buy the beer!  (Tho'
> >doesn't sound good for breakfast, as I intend to start as early as I
>And what's wrong with beer for breakfast, I'd like to know?  :)
>Nunc est bibendum
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