[Elfsea] need to hire housecleaning help

AerynGeil@aol.com AerynGeil at aol.com
Sat Aug 4 06:34:21 PDT 2001

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Remember the "boy who cried wolf"

eventually the CPS will figure out that you have a neighbor with a grudge.

If all else fails maybe you could apply to Judge Judy and let her intimidate
him for his rudeness.

I know it seems bad when you are in the throes of it but I would rather a few
good parents get a checkup than any child be forced to live/starve in a

Or there is turn about

Does the obnoxious neighbor have pets? Does the obnoxious neighbor keep his
trees near power poles trimmed, How is the obnoxious neighbor at following
city ordinances for the upkeep of his property? Does the obnoxious neighbor
look like the person featured on the most recent episode of America's most

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