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I have friends that work for CPS.  One has 4 kids, one has 3 kids and 4 grandkids, one has 1 kid, two had 2 kids.  Those are people (with Masters degrees) that I am friends with, not just aquantences.  I am aquainted with many more CPS workers and MOST of them do have kids.  And the one I know best has 3 kids, 6 grandkids and is my Mother.


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>I have had CPS worker aquaintences. None of them have children. Any parent =
>has more education than their masters degrees. The gaul they have to tell p=
>arents how to raise children. I find that they deserve their reputation.
>Shelly Edwards wrote:
>> >GRRR!!! CPS!!!! GRRR!!! They are nothing but a bunch of undertrained,
>> >ill-mannered, Neo-Nazis who are only out to make a family's life miserab=
>> Actually, most are highly educated (Master degrees), highly trained (inte=
>nsive training at the CPS academy), and severely unpaided (worker with a Ma=
>ster's degress in Social work and 4 years experience on average only earns =
>around $27,000), and severely over-worked (most carry a case load of 15 to =
>30 cases and work about 60 hours a week).
>> >
>> >Message to other parents...please be careful of these workers of what yo=
>> >say to them. They will turn and twist your words to fit their needs if t=
>> >don't like you. If you are asked a question, give truthful, but short an=
>> >quick answers. Be polite, but be firm with them. Remember you have basic=
>> >no rights with these people.
>> >
>> >Sorry, I'll get off my CPS soap box.
>> >
>> >Maria
>> >
>> Yes, you should be truthful with them.  Yes, it helps to be polite.  But =
>no, you have rights and the burden of proof is on the case worker.  Everyth=
>ing they do on every case is reviewed by their supervisors weekly.  Any tim=
>e they seek to remove a child from it's home, they have to have enough evid=
>ence to convince their supervisor, program director, a 12 member review boa=
>rd, the Dictrict Attorney and a judge.  And if you have a problem with a ca=
>se worker, you can and should speak to their supervisor.  If that doesn't h=
>elp, you can go to their program director and then a review board.
>> CPS workers don't work there for the pay, it sucks.  They don't work ther=
>e because it's an "easy government job", it's not.  They have, in my opinio=
>n, one of the hardest, most emtionally draining, unrewarding jobs there is.=
>  Most have seen things that would make anyone sick or cry.  Most don't tel=
>l that they work for CPS or they are treated like they are the criminals.  =
> They do it to protect the ones they can.
>> Rebekah
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