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Misty Hoehn mysticfalcon at onebox.com
Sun Aug 5 19:04:47 PDT 2001


Once again Elfsea Defender is upon us, and plans are being put in to
motion.  This also is the time that volunteers to help make this event
run smoothly are in great demand.  I once again am in charge of gate,
and in deep need for help.  First off I am looking for 2 people who
would like to be my deputies.  Secound- I am looking for several people
who are willing to help out for 2 hour shifts at gate.  As of this moment
all time slots are open, and I will use the first come first serve method
for time slot sign ups. Gate will open at 4pm on Friday, and then close
at 2pm on Saturday.

Deputies- Basically my idea is to split the running of Gate into 3
stages, I and the 2 deputies will divide the time gate is open (Which
comes up to be around 6-7 hours each).  You do not nessarily need to
man the gate yourself,(please don't!) but your duties will be to make
sure that gate is covered, that people show up and are relieved from
their posts, and that drops are made during the times the you are assigned.
 I will be taking the first shift, which will be 4pm on Friday-11pm Friday
night. The other 2 shifts will be, 11pm Friday-6am Saturday and 6am Saturday-1pm
on Saturday, then I will cover the last hour and make the final drop.

Volunteers- your job is easy, I need 2 people for 2hours each starting
at 4pm on Friday.  On saturday I would like to have 4 people per slot
from 9am-1am since we are expecting a lot of day trippers.

Thanks in advance,
mysticfalcon at onebox.com


 8-10  4people
 10-12 4people

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