[Elfsea] need to hire housecleaning help

Jane Sitton jane.sitton at radioshack.com
Mon Aug 6 09:44:01 PDT 2001

I would not stoop to the Evil Neighbor's level by calling in false reports.
That is her venue.  My children are anything but "thin and sick".  Brighid,
in fact, needs to start walking with me in the evenings to avoid becoming

Logan once attempted to talk to her about her continued false reports (we
did NOT have a huge pile of chicken manure in the yard... it was wood chips
to put in flower beds and around trees to combat the drought; we did not
have sheep in our backyard; we did not have a junk car in the driveway ...
it had been sold two months prior to the report; etc. ad nauseum), and was
rewarded for his efforts by being accused of threatening to kill her by
setting his dog on her using a secret word that would make the dog rip her
throat out.

The only way to combat people who are intent upon spreading lies is to
ignore them, and prove them wrong when their lies are investigated.

It was NEVER my intention to start a war over the merits of CPS.  I merely
was attempting to hire some help, as I know my house will be scrutinized.

Please, please, please.  Enough.

But if you can help and want to earn some money, I can still use a couple of
able hands.  Logan is out and about today, so call him if you're interested:


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Though this is tempting, such actions are not honorable. If indeed your
neighbor is violating the law and you would have turned him/her in anyway,
then go ahead. Otherwise, you are compromising your honor.

Your neighbor may actually feel that there is some problem with your
children. They may have had a bad experience where they did not
intervene and a child was harmed.

The best way to resolve any such dispute is to talk with the person.
Try not to be confrontational. Say something like "Some people apparently
are  concerned that my kids are not getting the care they deserve.  If you
are one of them, I'd like to understand your issues and share how I feel
about my children." You can probably come up with a better dialogue.

If you treat them like someone who is concerned about your kids, you
might be able to work out a compromise with them. After all, you
should like anyone who has your kids' welfare in their heart.

(Yea I know CPS is a real pain, but when you look at the news lately,
you can see why some people get suspicious about little things.)


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