[Elfsea] need to hire housecleaning help

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See previous posts.  Logan spent about 6 months in jail for his attempt to
talk with the Evil Neighbor.  Some people just aren't happy unless they are
perceived as victims or are the center of attention.  Such is my Evil


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	There are some questions that need to be asked before
one shoots back:
* What is the source of the hostility?
* Can it be resolved?
	If it's something as simple as mowing the lawn, get the
lawn mowed.
	You don't want to be in the position of the parents who
had a kid who drew on a neighbor's driveway with chalk, and in
response the neighbor put the kids name and phone out as
a phone sex line on the net.
	Have you ever talked directly with the neighbor about
and asked what the problem was?

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