[Elfsea] A Personal Word from the Baron

baron@elfsea.ansteorra.org baron at elfsea.ansteorra.org
Tue Aug 7 10:44:21 PDT 2001

Hello everybody!  For those of you who are

As of about 12:30 on Tuesday, there's still no
rushing-to-the-hospital-to-give-birth going on in our

Allessandra is now working at home,
telecommuting.  If you call and the answering
machine picks up immediately, we're probably on-
line.  If you call and you hear it ring before getting
the answering machine, we might be off to the
hospital, but it's just as likely that we didn't get to the
phone fast enough to beat the callnotes, or are just
out running errands.

I promise, there'll be a prompt announcement when
the baby is born.  Which could be anytime -- we
can't wait.  Stay tuned to this mailing list.

If no baby by Thursday morning, we have an
appointment to induce labor.   So the odds of
seeing us at business meeting on Thursday
evening are vanishingly small.

Assuming no complications, Allessandra will be
ing the hospital for two days after giving birth, so it's
increasingly unlikely that we'll be at Steppes
Artisan, either, although we'd be delighted to come
and display our little masterpiece if we can get him
completed in time.  (We used period materials and
techniques, and if I can find my copy of _Compleat
Anachronist #13_, I can document him, too!)

"The hospital" is Medical Center of Arlington, north
of I-20 on Matlock.  Visitors will be welcome to
come and see the baby after he's born.  (We don't
imagine anyone would _want_ to visit during the
actual labor, and would prefer it that way.)  We'll
both be home the following week, and visitors will
be welcome then, too.  I doubt we'll make it out to
much during that time.

We do still plan to bring the baby out to Lughnasad,
and we're very much looking forward to that.

When you're awaiting joyful tidings, no news is not
good news, but that's all we have right now.

- Galen

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