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Misty Hoehn mysticfalcon at onebox.com
Wed Aug 8 07:10:15 PDT 2001

Hi Crandal,

As a matter of fact I do not have a deputy for the 11pm-6am shift yet,
and would be most thankful if you are willing to cover that time.  If
so, I do have Simone scheduled from 2am-6am on Saturday morning.  So
you do have one person so far to cover the 2am-6am shift. I will let
you know if there are anymore people who have asked to sign up during
your deputy shift.  And if you recruit anybody just let me know.  If
there is anything I can help you with to make being in charge of troll
for those hours, just let me know.  Once again, thank you so much for
offering your assistance.  As Defender gets closer, I will get with you
and hopefully the other deputy and get all the details worked out and
planned. Until then I will keep you posted with any new information concerning
gate.  Thanks!!!


Misty Hoehn
mysticfalcon at onebox.com - email
(817) 289-2801 x2106 - voicemail/fax

---- "P. Crandal Polk" <pcrandal at flash.net> wrote:
> Misty Hoehn wrote:
> > I and the 2 deputies will divide the time gate is open (Which comes
> up
> > The other 2 shifts will be, 11pm Friday-6am Saturday
> I should be able to get to the site by this time, if you do not have
> a
> deputy as yet for this shift.
> Crandall
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