[Elfsea] Arthurian Company

Estella Flather eflather at flash.net
Wed Aug 8 12:15:56 PDT 2001

Greetings from Mistress Stella
Arthurian Company Commander-

Here is my list of those who are planning on participating with the
Arthurian Comapny this year. Because the Company was not officially
dissolved and resworn in, I don't know exactly who wants to be part of the
Company. If you are not on the list and want to still be part of the
Company, please contact me. Thanks.
	The next official practice is Gothic War Aug31-Sept.2, but Sergeant Louis
is checking to see if we can have a practice in Glaslyn the day after
Artisan of the Flame, Aug. 26th so we can get one Company practice in
before Gothic.
	I will be gone to Pennsic from now until the 20th.

Arthurian Company Roster-
Stella Silvana (Commander) 817-295-0802 eflather at flash.net
Louis (Sergeant) need your contact info!
Honor (Sergeant) 817-281-4290 mysticfalcon at onebox.com
Willem  817-858-0065 wolf at techieguy.com
Llywelyn 972-299-9867 llywelyn at home.com
Daire 817-220-0333 dragonstar1 at prodigy.net
Caelin 817-265-6943 rjt at acm.org
Fearghus 817-467-6959 817-255-3240 lordfearghus at home.com
Herries 940-566-3672 rogue_herries at hotmail.com

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