[Elfsea] Cosolidation of Meetings

Dale, Richard N DaleRN at aetna.com
Fri Aug 10 12:19:25 PDT 2001

Timonthy Wrote:


>Last night at Business Meeting, Siobhan brought up the >idea that she
>would like us to consider and discuss consolidating our >meeting days.
>Her idea was to put both Moot and Business Meeting on >the same day of
>the week, to consolidate guild meetings to certain days (like
Tuesdays), etc.

A senesible idea and I am gald to help discuss the subject.

>As the current Chronicler, I obviously have a clear >picture that the
>calendar is indeed rather full.  We have many active >guilds, a couple
>of meetings, and several fighter practices in Elfsea >'proper' alone.
>My personal opinion is that even with this fact, this >idea is a poor
>Let me start by addressing our general meetings.

Let do that.

Are you saying the idea to move populace or business meetings or guilds each
is a bad idea or moving any of them.

>Moot and Business Meeting currently are one different >days of the week.
> While I appreciate that symmetry of days allows the >calendar to look
>neat, it also means that people with a problem with a >particular dar
>(such as Mondays) would have a problem with both >meetings.  By having
>them broken up, even if an officer cannot report at >Moot because
>Mondays they always work the night shift, they can >report at Business
>Meeting instead.  I truly feel that consolidation could >limit the pool
>of candidates we could draw from for officers, which I >consider a Bad
>Thing (tm).

A good point two different days of the week allow twice the accessibility.
How much easier would it be to remember for the populace now and in the
future that Business meetings and populace meetings are only held on

>Even worse in my opinion is that idea of limiting >guilds to a day or
>two on the calendar.

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