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> Last night at Business Meeting, Siobhan brought up the idea that she
> would like us to consider and discuss consolidating our meeting days.
> Her idea was to put both Moot and Business Meeting on the same day of
> the week, to consolidate guild meetings to certain days (like
> Tuesdays), etc.

 That witch, lets take her out back and beat the stuff out of her

> Moot and Business Meeting currently are one different days of the week.
> While I appreciate that symmetry of days allows the calendar to look
> neat,
  I don't really care how the calender looks, I worry about what is easier to

 it also means that people with a problem with a particular dar

> (such as Mondays) would have a problem with both meetings.  By having
> them broken up, even if an officer cannot report at Moot because
> Mondays they always work the night shift, they can report at Business
> Meeting instead.

I agree, this is a valid point.

> Even worse in my opinion is that idea of limiting guilds to a day or
> two on the calendar.

I'm not trying to limit guilds, I'm trying to open up more choices for
guilds. Also, if you easily remember dates for business, it's easier to
decide on other things. People often ask "What about ....?" and we try to
remember if something else is scheduled for that day. Without a calender,
it's impossible.

Guilds are usually organized around a Principal
> who opens their home to their friends.  To tell someone they may only
> open their home to their friends on a certain night seems extreme.
> While I realize that in fact we would be saying that it would only go
> on the calendar if they were on a certain day, it is still
> authoritarian and discourages people sharing their skills and
> interests.  In a group that has a primary purpose educating, this is a
> Very Bad Thing (tm).

 No one ever said anything of the kind, I am sorry that this is what you
heard. I asked people to think about what would be more convenient and easier
to remember and if they have ideas for change, let me know. I have heard many
complaints about not being able to attend this or pack then because of
conflicts. I just want to know if we can eliminate conflicts and make your
life easier? If not, that's fine. I just hate to see people missing a meeting
they may want to attend because they have fighter practice. I also hate to
see people worry about who is going to be there to help load the truck on
Thursday night because of a conflicting business meeting.

> To sum up all of the above my point is this :  Our calendar of
> activities has developed to serve well the communities that already are
> interested in them.  Serving the community that is interested in them
> is the point of all of these activities, first and foremost.  I would
> suggest that to justify forcing scheduling changes,

 This makes me sound like the wicked witch of the world. I would never
presume to force anything on anyone and never use athoritarian tactics. I
thought I asked for advice, I don't think I dictated new policy. And if I
offended you personally with my request for dialogue, I am heartily sorry of
having offended you. Folks, I am not EVEN advising you, I am asking for
advice. If that will cause you to burn me in effigy, so be it.

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