[Elfsea] Cosolidation of Meetings

Darius and Monica dmriney at earthlink.net
Fri Aug 10 13:10:09 PDT 2001

Hmmmm. Well actually, having Moot and Buisness meeting on the same night of the
week makes pretty good sense to me, and even using Tuesdays for a dedicated
meeting night isn't all that bad. It is alot easier to remember some things that
way. I don't know about a strict scheduling policy though. I mean, just because
some one can't or doesn't put something on the Baronial calander doesn't mean
Activity X doesn't happen. I could actually hit a fighter practice some where
within driving distance nearly every night of the week.

I have to agree with Timothy about the guilds. We really can not mandate that
people should not open their house for say... A Norse Ear Scoop Guild on Monday
or Wednessdays if they want. Nor can some meetings actually move and remain
practical. The Heraldic comentary works within a slim window when the herald
gets the monthly _Letter of Intent_ from the kingdom and when the comentary is
due back to the kindom. From experiance the second Monday really is the best
night for it.

We can say, "Tuesday nights on the Elfsea Callander are set aside for A&S type
meetings" and encourage the use of the dedicated meeting night. These can
include A regularly scheduled night each month or every two months to clean,
repair, or make new nice things for the Baronies use. A Baronial Service night
if you will. (hey sceduled upkeep of the Pavilions, list poles, tiki's, loaner
armor, etc...)

I do not believe Wednessdays and thursdays are sacred on the callander due to
fighter practices. These encompass a small number of people relative to the size
of our Barony. So meetings scheduled accross from them are not a bad thing.

Oh and Rapier practice really does happen at the Randol Mill Park every
Wednessday while we have light to do it even though it isn't currently on the
calander. Any one is more than welcome to come play with us.

Any way There is my rambling two francs on the topic, Who's next up to the mic?

At Home in Elfsea

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