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Timothy Rayburn timothy_of_glastonbury at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 10 13:09:29 PDT 2001

--- "Dale, Richard N" <DaleRN at aetna.com> wrote:
> Are you saying the idea to move populace or business meetings or
> guilds each
> is a bad idea or moving any of them.

I am not against moving anything that ends up serving the greater good
in the process.  I am against what I believe is an attempt to
re-organize mostly for cosmetic reasons on the calendar.

> >Meeting instead.  I truly feel that consolidation could >limit the
> pool
> >of candidates we could draw from for officers, which I >consider a
> Bad
> >Thing (tm).
> A good point two different days of the week allow twice the
> accessibility.
> How much easier would it be to remember for the populace now and in
> the
> future that Business meetings and populace meetings are only held on
> Mondays?

While it may be easier to remember for some that Populace/Business
Meetings are always held on Mondays, I don't think that this
convenience is worth removing even 1 possible candidate for an office.

> >Even worse in my opinion is that idea of limiting >guilds to a day
> or
> >two on the calendar.
> From your post you stated Tuesdays. Last time I counted There were 4
> tuesdays in a month sometimes 5. You could go one further and say
> Tuesdays
> and WED are  reserved for guilds and a&S activties. Rigth now
> Tuesdays and
> Wed are the least used nights of the week. According to the Elfsea
> Calendar.

This should have said one or two days per week.  Obviously no one is
trying to focus down to just a day or two.

> > Guilds are usually organized around a Principal
> >who opens their home to their friends.  To tell someone >they may
> only
> >open their home to their friends on a certain night >seems extreme.
> I think discussion any idea for responses  is both reasonable and
> prudent.
> Are you saying this to the general popualce. According to the
> calendar if
> anything really moved to tuesday night their would be enough room for
> A&S
> and guild activites on tuesdays nights. How does the populace feel
> about
> meeting on some other night than monday for say heraldic commentary
> and
> scribes?

I can answer the specific question fairly precisely.  Scribes &
Illuminators was moved to share a night with Heraldic Commentary
because the attendees of Scribes indicated that the 2nd Tuesday (where
they had been meeting for many years) was becoming undesirable because
it was conflicting with other things (at the time specifically Sir
Romanius' fighter practice).

> >While I realize that in fact we would be saying that it >would only
> go
> >on the calendar if they were on a certain day, it is >still
> >authoritarian and discourages people sharing their >skills and
> >interests.  In a group that has a primary purpose >educating, this
> is a
> >Very Bad Thing (tm).
>  I think it would be authoritarian to change dates and times on
> people
> without discussing it first. I don't take it as you have to move it
> or else.
> I understand that we are reserving a special slot of days say
> tuesdays and
> wed for artisans and bards to teach and be taught.

But is this truly realistic considering that these days might now be
good for the people hosting them?  As a fictional example, what if Don
Llywelyn wanted to regularly attend Sir Romanius' practice (Tuesdays)
and Wednesday Rapier Practice while also hosting The Gryphon Consort
(aka Music Guild)?  His Tuesdays & Wednesdays are full, yet he has time
on 1 & 3 Thursdays.  I feel that saying "Tuesday and Wednesday nights
are for A&S teaching" discourages him from speaking up and offering to
do so (now obviously a fictional example as I doubt it would stop Don
Llywelyn, though it may others).

> >A Guild is a group of people with common interests, who >gather to
> share
> >that interest with others.  At the current time Elfsea >has many
> guilds
> >including : Glass Beads, Clothiers, Heralds, A&S >Nights, The
> Gryphon
> >Consort, and Scribes & Illuminators with more >potentially coming
> >including a Cooks guild.
> I am just using the elfsea calendar as stated in this post and
> currently
> Glass Beads and The gryphon consort are not on the calendar. But what
> nights
> are these one and the others?

Glass Beads is aka Open Torch Night, it may not be on Augusts calendar
but has been a regular item where HL Rixende teaches Glass Bead Making.

The Gryphon Consort is on the calendar as Music Guild but is the new
vocal and instrumental group hosted by Don Llywelyn focusing on period

>   This does not even begin to >count those that
> >our Cantons and Colleges have such as Loch Ruadh's >Woodworkers
> Guild,
> >and Dragonsfire Forge in the Tor.
> Actually scheduling one night of every week for elfsea A&S guilds
> nights
> makes it easier for other groups to plan and not conflict.

It does if taken in micro-cosim of scheduling one type of event, say
A&S.  It does not when trying to find something that conflicts with
nothing, as we will not be lowering the number of items on the calendar

>   The idea that was >thrown out of using
> >Tuesdays and Mondays that didn't have 'business' >meetings would
> already
> >be filled in a 4 week month.
> I guess I am confused it is no thrown out until One you have a agreed
> to a
> time and place and two is someone tells you no you can't ahve that
> guild
> meeting then.

I was using 'thrown out' in the sense of "The idea that was put forward
for discussion of using Tuesdays..." etc.  I hope that clears that up.

> >Then there is the idea of Fighter Practices.  I am a >strong
> advocate of
> >keeping Sunday practices as a combination Heavy and >Light practice
> at
> >one location, I'd even love to see Archery there to.  >This practice
> >gives a weekly chance for Community within Elfsea.  But >our weekday
> >practices currently are divided with Rapier on >Wednesday, and
> Armored
> >on Thursday.  There is good logic behind this system.  >We put our
> >Armored practice on Thursday because there was no other >practice in
> the
> >Metroplex on that night, this encourages attendance and >doesn't
> make
> >someone choose between practices.  Rapier Practice is >on Wednesday
> >night because there already is a highly successful and >long running
> >practice in the Steppes on Thursday night that several >of our
> fighters
> >attend.
> Funny that the online calendar does not show rapier practice's at all
> during
> august on wed night.

There actually is a Wednesday night practice that has been active for
some time, apparently.  Our Rapier Marshall had not been putting it on
the calendar, but had been hosting it regularlly.  It was suggested
that is be put on the calendar so everyone could know, and will be on
the September calendar.

> >To sum up all of the above my point is this :  Our >calendar of
> >activities has developed to serve well the communities >that already
> are
> >interested in them.  Serving the community that is >interested in
> them
> >is the point of all of these activities, first and >foremost.
> I agree that we should serve the communities, but how many people
> would like
> things changed somewhat or alot. After all Timothy you and I are only
> two
> people who do not have problems sharing our opinions.

Indeed I would be very interested in hearing other opinions, I just
started by sharing mine while openning the topic for discussion.


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