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Let me first start by saying, I appriciate what Timothy is saying.  Correct me
if I am wrong, but I believe he is saying that he is opposed to the idea of do
a major rearranging of the calendar and schedule.  He is also trying to keep
options open for more people to attend guilds and meetings.

As I see the Calendar, and having been a former Chronicler in charge of the
Calendar, I can see what he is saying about a lot activities and a limited
amount of space: i.e. number of days that things can scheduled.

It is true that we can not meet everyones needs and find a schedule that is
going to allow all 150 -200 members of this Barony to make every meeting that
they want to.  There will be some conflict at some point.  If the suggestion
is to rearreange the schedule to simplfy the scheduling process, then we must
look at it.  If the isea is to make the changes for cosmitic reasons on the
calendar (which I believe it is not) then no lets not make any changes.

If memory serves correctly, there are 28 -31 days in a month.  I personally
will forget that Business Meeting is coming up, or that Moot is coming up
sometimes.  I am for the idea of putting both of these meeting on the some day
of the week (in this case mondays).  The reason is this allows me to remember
that I have "business" on 2 mondays of the month.  As for Fighter Practices.
The wednesday Rapier practice was scheduled not to conflict with Steppes on
thursday.  The Chivalric was scheduled as to not conflict several other
practices happening during the week and was requested to be on that day by the
fighters.  In this case I went the populace.  As Knight's Marshal, this has
put a personal strain on me, because now I have to find coverage for Practice
so I can attend Business Metting, or coverage for Business Meeting so I can
attend Practices.  Then of course no one has suggested that we move sunday
practices off of sunday, and for that I am greatful.  The sunday practices,
while speraticly attended at times is one of those traditions that, 1, for
years we have been doing it that way and, 2, we advertise this in new comer

As for Guilds, if we schedule week like we do our event schedules on the
weekends, this will be the discussion.

"Let's do it on this day?  No that will conflict with X.  How about on that
day?  No, that will conflict with Y.  How about we schedule it against this
activity and let the people decide which activity is more important to them."

I believe we can help reduce the pressure valve by merging meetings.  I am not
saying on the same day of the week, but actually putting the meeting is the
same place and time as another meeting.  For example, Scirbes and Illuminaters
and Heraldic Comementary.  Perhaps we could do say Open Torch Night and Cooks
Guild, or Music and Clothiers.  By doing this, we can spead the interests to
people by have a person show up for one and be exposed to the other.

Let me finish by saying again that we are never going to find a schedule that
is going to match everyone.  But i believe we can find one that is going to
give everyone an opportunity to chose their interests.

Your Fool's thoughts

A Jester's chief employment, is to kill himself for your enjoyment,
and a Jester unemployed.....is nobodies Fool.  (Danny Kaye "The Court Jester")

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