[Elfsea] Lindenwood/Glaslyn Archery Practice Schedule & Times

Bryan & Michelle Hanson bmhanson at airmail.net
Mon Aug 13 15:14:14 PDT 2001

Yesterday Aug 12 was officially Lindenwood's day marshalling the field.
 Thanks to those of you who could make it.

The following is a schedule of weekends.  Bear in mind that changes will be
made on an as needed basis.

Aug 19 - 	Glaslyn - cancelled because of Lughnasad (please join us there!)
Aug 26 -	Lindenwood
Sep 2 -		Glaslyn
Sep 9 -		Lindenwood
Sep 16 -	Glaslyn
Sep 23 - 	Lindenwood
Sep 30 - 	Glaslyn

That should be enough for now.  Again, changes will be made to this as
needed, i.e. for events, etc.

Archery practice has been starting at 11 A.M. on Sunday mornings.  However,
a decision was made yesterday (and I haven't talked to Lothair yet, so I
only speak for Lindenwood weekends at this moment) to move archery practice
to 6 P.M. due to the extreme heat.  There will still be plenty of light at
this time but it should be somewhat cooler.  Until notice is received from
Lothair, Glaslyn's archery practice will continue at 11 A.M. on Sunday

This should also allow any Steppes archers who want to, to come practice a
second time at the McInnish practice.

We welcome all archers who want to show - the more the merrier!!

Acting Lindenwood Archery Marshal
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