[Elfsea] Elfsea meeting at Lughnasad to discuss demos

Christine Huse maria_elfsea at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 13 16:53:10 PDT 2001


We have had much talk about the way we do demos among myself, my deputies,
our Seneschal and our Baron and Baroness.

I am holding a meeting at lunchtime at Lughnasad this Saturday to discuss
the way we do demos and how we can change them for the better.

I would *like* to see our officers in attendance, but anyone with ideas and
suggestions are more than welcome to attend.

I have forwarded a copy of a letter I sent this morning to my deputies. A
big thanks to Lady Eleanor for asking me to post this to the list!

Lady Maria
Hospitaler to the Lord and Lady of Elfsea

>I apologize for being so quiet these past few days. I was waiting to hear
>everyone's opinion and talk to the other officer's of the group before I
>commented and/or made a decision on the subject of how we do our demos.
>However, I was not able to make business meeting this month. I'm afraid I
>woke up at 2:00AM with what I thought was intense labor pains. Phelippe
>rushed me to the emergency room where I spent the next 4 hours being poked,
>prodded, and stuck with needles. Well, the good news we found out that the
>baby was Ok and I wasn't trying to miscarry. It was a simple bladder
>infection (which I knew I had and was going to go see the doc that Thursday
>morning) that settled into my back and stomach miscles. Let this be a
>to all of you...don't mess around with a bladder infection, they can turn
>nasty really quick.
>Ok, I'm back from chasing bunnies! :-)
>I agree with all of you that we need to take a closer look at changing the
>way we do our demos. But I feel we will be much more productive talking
>to face....
>That's why I would like to meet with all of you that have an opinion or
>a hand in demos at Lughnasad this weekend to discuss them.
>I will be day tripping the event and Saturday will be the best day for me
>meet with you. Right now I'm thinking sometime around lunchtime will be the
>best time to meet as I know all of us will have a busy but relaxing day!
>I hope to see you all there!

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