[Elfsea] New Song -- Do You Still Belive

Lady Simone Ui'Dunlainghe lady_simone at code-works.com
Mon Aug 13 22:24:03 PDT 2001

This piece was written in honor of Sir Gidion's Knighting and first
performed at his vigil

Do you still believe
by Simone Maurian Ui'Dunlaingh

Honor and courtesy, Valor and Bravery.
Chivalry grace and Style. The pageantry around the crown
A dream it has begun.
A lords first gallant fight, The lady's beauty bright.
A child's warm smile as the bard sings a lullaby


Do you still believe in glory,
and the Magic that's Ansteorra?
In her Lions and Noble Gentry,
and in all we can be.

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