[Elfsea] Troll for Defender

Duke, Wes WDuke at aegonusa.com
Wed Aug 15 07:42:53 PDT 2001

Kind of sure about that title aren't we?


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		I'll be busy winning the Archery Defender Title so I won't
be able to
	cover the Saturday Deputy shift or the 8 - 10; 10 - 12 Shifts.  I
can cover
	just about any other Troll shift you want though.  Just let me know.


	At 06:51 PM 8/14/01 -0700, you wrote:
	>I am a day late in posting...my apologies.  There are still many
	>open for Elfsea Defender Troll.  I still need one more deputy for
	>6am-1pm on Saturday.  Also-
	>Friday          Saturday
	>4pm-6           12am-2
	>6-8             6-8
	>8-10            8-10
	>10-12           10-12  (4 people)
	>                12-2   (4 people)
	>Thanks for all the help, if there are any questions please feel
	>to call or email me. My home #(817)281-4290, wk#(817)416-9770 x4362
	>In Service,
	>Lady Honour du Bois
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