[Elfsea] Elfsea meeting at Lughnasad to discuss demos

Padraig Ruad O'Maolagain padraig_ruad2 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 15 13:52:43 PDT 2001

Sebastian de Rolstoun wrote:
> I believe that I am competing in the rapier tourney
> and, from past experience, I don't think that the
> tourney will be over right at noon.
> Is there a contingency plan???
> I would very much like to attend this meeting.

We will implore the Lord God Almighty to make the sun
stand still until the rapier tourney is complete, thus
giving you all the time you need.

Or maybe just run everything on SCA time, like we
usually do.  <grin>


Nunc est bibendum
Politicians prefer unarmed peasants.

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