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Thu Aug 16 13:17:53 PDT 2001

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Seneschal's Report

Greetings Elfsea,
     I would like to start off by welcoming our newest member of the Barony,
young Robert Vincent Mitchell. We look forward to watching him, along with
all our other young members, grow and bloom in our very large extended
family. And from this granny, it does my old heart good to see all of these
children enjoying being a part of this game.
     I would like to share some information on new items signed into Kingdom
Law at the last King's Round Table. The first would involve local officers.
All Baronial level officers who fill out reports must now send copies to
their Seneschal and Landed Nobility. If a local officer becomes 60 days late
filing their report, the regional can start proceedings to remove that
officer and replace them. If an officer is having problems, they should
contact their regional officer to work it out. Another new law involves
tithing to the Kingdom. As of the signing of the law, August 4,2001, the
Kingdom will require 60% of the profit from 3 major kingdom events - Crown
Tournament, Coronation, and Queens Champion. In case of a loss instead of a
profit, the kindgom witll absorb 40% of the loss. For lesser kingdom events,
the Kingdom will require 30% of the profits. The Kingdom requires nothing of
local events, however, Elfsea always tithes 15% of our local events. We
willingly support our Kingdom whenever we can. The next item involves landed
nobility and regional officers. Landed Nobility now has the power to veto a
single bid for a local officer. Landed Nobility may not hold the office of
regional seneschal or regional exchequer, while serving as Baron or Baroness.
Nor shall a regional seneschal or regional exchequer serve as Landed Nobility
while holding this office.
     With July behind us, it is now time to concentrate on Defender with all
of the energy Elfsea has to give. I am confident that each and every member
has signed up for at least one shift of whatever task they feel they can
handle. Remember, the work must get done so that we all may enjoy the game. I
am looking forward to seeing you at Elfsea Defender.
Yours in Service,
Lady Siobhan
Elfsea Seneschal

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