[Elfsea] excuse me please

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Like most reptiles the wily Dragonnetti sets and waits to pounce on his

(The Dragon Slayer)

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	Your post reveals you to be a most wise ARS member indeed. :-)


	From: "Richard Threlkeld" <rjt at softwareinnovation.com>
	> Gee. I thought this was a new innovation by the new Seneschal.
	> Everyone would get an early glimpse at your report (including
	> those who do not get the Scroll).
	> Caelin - member of ARS (Association of Retired Seneschals)
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	> >      I can't believe I sent my report to the list instead of
	> > Timothy. Please
	> > try to ignore the last post.
	> > Siobhan
	> > the much embarrased seneschal of Elfsea

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