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Marsh, Vicki MarsV at chisd.com
Fri Aug 17 10:20:42 PDT 2001

Xene here:

It sounds like it was the Ironrose or Women's Tournament.  I haven't heard
anything from Llywelyn this week, either.  Pennsic is out of range of his
Sprint cellphone.

As soon as I hear anything, I'll forward it to the list.


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    I'm sorry, but that announcement was from someone else off of the
Ironrose mailing list. I'll see if I can get more details for you all.


> Vanora, would you mind filling in the details a bit as to which
> Tournament at Pennsic this gentle is speaking of, who hosted it, etc?
> I have a few guesses from some of the names mentioned, but I'd
> appreciate facts rather than assumptions.
> Timothy

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