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Ladyarabella2@aol.com Ladyarabella2 at aol.com
Sat Aug 18 21:58:04 PDT 2001

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Sorry for the late plea, but we just found out Friday that they will be in
our house on Monday to rip out our carpet in preperation for repairing and
cleaning the mold in our house. If anyone has some time tommorrow we could
use some help in packing articles from shelves and draws so that the
furniture can be moved around. This will not entail moving any furniture,
just packing some boxes and moving them to the garage. We have to be finished
by Sunday evening.

We will be starting about 10:00 am till we finish. All help will be

Thank you.

Fearghus and Arabella

PS our phone number is 817-467-6959.

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