[Elfsea] Teachers for Bards & Arts VI neeeded for 2002

Subetei Usun subetei at usun.org
Wed Aug 22 07:41:38 PDT 2001

Greetings and Salutations to all who read this, and please excuse the
multiple messages.  I am but an ignorance Mongol who knows no better.

In just a little more than 5 months hence, the Shire of Adlersruhe will be
presenting Bards & Arts VI which is currently schedule for Feb 2, 2002.   I
wish to start off by thanking all the wonderful people who help with last
years classes and hope to impose upon you again for 2002.   And for those
who have not yet given a class or would like to do another, now is your

I invite all from the known world who wish to venture to this part of
Anestorea's Kingdom to show the world your great knowledge and skill in your
craft.  And to my friends in the Outlands, I challenge you to show your
skills and knowledge to all Anestorians as well.

If you are interested in teaching a class or would like to see a particular
class given, please contact me.

Again, thanks to Last Year's Bards & Arts V Teachers.

Courtly Graces or Bardic Work - H.E. Vallust de Bonwicke
Herbalism - H.E. Ascelyn de Bonwicke
Juggling - H. L. Olias MacCrimmon
Calligraphy - L. Valparaiso
Chip Carving - L. Marcus Von Gallon
Pennsic for Newbies - L. Aerin with L. Tagdh
Beginning Brewing - L. Tagdh
Leather Bottles Workshop - L. Tadgh
Dance - H. L. Guillume de Troyes
Bead Making - H. L. Chiang
Rapier Melee Tactics - L. Achillies Von Hutton
Knitting - L. Rhiannon MacAlister
The Castle as a Medieval War Machine - L. Megan Isle
How to Make a Swete Bag - L. Joanna Tunsend
Button Making - L. Kate de la Hyte
Illumination - L. Orianna
Leather Armor - L. Kienann
Childrens Activities - L. Kyla de Eastbourne and L Arrianna E. Q. Guthrie -

If I overlooked any one, 1000 apologies.  Please let me know and I will
correct my serious error.

Subetei Usun
Autocrat - Bards & Arts VI

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Mundane: John Warner

"If you take care of the group, then the group will take care of you.  If
you stand outside the group, then you may be fighting alone."

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