[Elfsea] Your Barony wants YOU!!

Christine Huse maria_elfsea at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 22 14:11:47 PDT 2001


Just a freindly reminder  to all those who were wishing to place a bid for
the Chamberlain's Office...

All bids will be closed Monday night at Moot....Yes, that's this coming
Monday!! Please don't miss this oppurtunity to serve your Barony! This is a
simple job.

For you newcomer's out there, don't be afraid to place a bid! This is an
excellant oppurtunity for you to learn more about how the barony works! When
I took this office, I had only been playing for 5 months and knew nothing
about Baronial policies!

To the one who wins the bid...don't worry, I won't disappear on you! I will
be here to help you get adjusted to your office. I will even help with
loading the truck for Defender!

See ya'll at Moot!

Elfsea's Chamberlain and Hospitaler


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