[Elfsea] Pictures in Garb

Daungerous (Donna R. Thompson) daungerous at ev1.net
Mon Aug 27 14:56:04 PDT 2001

Dear Eflsea friends,

I am making this post because I have an opportunity that I thought some of
you might be interested in.  On Sunday, September 9th, USA Studios on the Go
will be coming to my dance studio to set up and take professional pictures
of my dance troupe.  I thought that if any of you have ever wanted to have
your picture taken in your garb professionally, this would be a great
opportunity for you.  They will come and set up just their equipment in my
studio and take your pictures.  They specialize in taking pictures with
costumed participants and do some really fabulous work.  Plus, you get to
view all the pictures right there and chose the pictures that you want
immediately.  Packages start at $29 and there is no sitting fee or
obligation to buy anything.

My studio is located in Bedford, just about a mile and a half off Hwy 183 in
the Mid-Cities.  Appointments are available from 1pm - 7pm.  Please send an
email directly to me if you have any questions or would like to make an
appointment.  Everyone is welcome to have their picture taken, whether in
garb or not.  But, I thought this would be alot more fun than schlepping
into the Sears in all your finery only to be met with puzzled looks *_*.

Please pass this info on to anyone you think might be interested.

Director at desertdancer.com
Pretty is as pretty does.

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