[Elfsea] Re: Elfsea digest, Vol 1 #188 - 2 msgs

Stacy Dickey medievalbelle at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 27 23:32:43 PDT 2001

Galen and Elfsea,

   made it to town safely, mom's doing better in the
hospital, and my pappa is settled in just fine at
home. Looks like I still have a green light for a
Tuesday night fighter practice and I'm seriously
looking forward to it. (It's been months since I last
fought). Galen, knock some rust off of me... I need

   Can't wait to meet lil "Bob Vinny" and see my
second family again. <Clicking spurs X3> "There's no
place like Elfsea!"

7:30 @ Sir Galen's it is! Goodnight!

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