[Elfsea] Troll Update

Misty Hoehn mysticfalcon at onebox.com
Tue Aug 28 19:41:05 PDT 2001

Good Day-

There are still many slots open for Elfsea Defender Troll. Also if you
do wish to wrok troll but will not be sure of the time until you get
on site, still email me and I will put you on a "waiting list".   So
far the scheldule is as follows:

Crandal-  Deputy for 11pm-6am shift
Maria-    Deputy for 6am-1pm shift

Friday                         Saturday
4pm-6   OPEN                   12am-2  Padraig, Madelina
6-8     OPEN                   2-4     Simone, (perhaps Eleanor)
8-10    Kerick, Aislyn         4-6     Simone, (perhaps Eleanor)
10-12   OPEN                   6-8     OPEN
                               8-10    OPEN
                               10-12   OPEN  (4 people needed)
                               12-2    Nula, (3 more people needed)

Waiting list:

Sebastian De Rocstoun

There will be refreshments for those working Troll, just as an extra
Thank you for your time and effort. There will also be a reminder list
posted at Gate when you enter site to remind you of the times that you
have signed up for. Thanks again for all the help, if there are any questions
please feel
free to call or email me. My home #(817)281-4290, wk#(817)416-9770 x4362

In Service,
Lady Honour du Bois

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