[Elfsea] Gothic War

Marsh, Vicki MarsV at chisd.com
Wed Aug 29 06:23:41 PDT 2001

Xene here:

There is water, but it tastes pretty bad.  We bring our own as much as
possible. I think whoever named the town Sweetwater was a lying

The ground is dusty with lots of rocks and mesquite thorns.  Wear boots
outside of your encampment.  We kept having flat tires one year on Fearghus'
wheelchair from all the thorns.  There are porta potties and indoor, flush
privies, but I dont' recall any showers except perhaps for one set up by the

There are some electric lights there, but I dont' remember any electrical
outlets.  Sometimes, we get pretty good rain, but it doesn't last very long.

Check with the autocrat tonight for more information.

It's a good place to fight, and they usually have a pretty good A & S
competition.  Bring your displays if you have any.  There is usually
drumming, dancing and bardic.

See ya there:)


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I'm seriously thinking about it, but I have never been to this site. Is
electricity available? What is the site like? The website I've seen doesn't
say anything about the site. If I go it will be my frist war too.
Lady Gabriele
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>The plan right now is for us to go as well! Yippee! My
>first war!
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> > So who all is going to Gothic War?? Llywelyn and I
> > are going!
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