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Terri Head Terri at pandora.org
Wed Aug 29 10:57:29 PDT 2001

I'm SSSOOOOO happy to hear of that! I'll say a lil prayer that she indeed does close your case! That will be excellent!

Violet of Glamorganshire

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From: Jane Sitton <jane.sitton at radioshack.com>
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Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2001 15:49:03 -0500

>Please pardon the bandwidth for this, but many people have shown concern for
>my family on this issue.
>We had our 2-week follow-up visit from CPS today.  I was at work, so I have
>Logan's version.  He says the caseworker seemed pleased with our progress on
>de-cluttering our home, and was even sort of blase' about the whole thing.
>Logan reports that the caseworker is inclined towards closing our case, and
>will make that recommendation to her supervisor.
>Many thanks for all the help and kind words from everyone, and especially to
>Medb Ni'Loughlin and Jengjen (sp?) for coming over and working a couple of
>weeks ago.
>A relieved parent,
>Ly Madelina de Lyndesaye
>mka Jane Sitton-Logan
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