[Elfsea] Gothic War - What's available there

Caerell MacDomnaill caerell at home.com
Wed Aug 29 20:24:47 PDT 2001

I have been to the last two Gothic War...so from experiance, unless they
have made any improvements.

* There are some electricity outlet there but they are far between.
* There is water available, but I have been told by reliable source that it
is not really potable, the faucets in the Restrooms state that it is
non-potable Not sure on that we always take enough water for cooking and
drinking. (The water they give to fighters is treated with bleach, YECH!)
(I take my own water when fighting).
* There is a Lake (Not sure of it's level right now)
* DON'T Camp in Low spots, this sight has been known to have rivers flowing
through it, if you don't believe me ask anyone about the Amazons 2 yrs ago

Laird Caerell MacDomnaill
Going to My Third Gothic War

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