[Elfsea] possible camping site

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So true.  Logan mentioned over the weekend that there were those who used to
complain about the distance to the Diamond B.


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There is always someone who likes the site and does not like it. That is a
fact of life that will always be in SCA life. But it would not be prudent to
put all our eggs in one basket. A good SCAer always looks for possible
places. Sometimes the place you want is booked, to expensive, to big, to
small, need inside, need outside, or not the right atmosphere, will there be
Equestrian, Archery, Ballista?
I for one loved Tanglewood. But I didn't like the drive. Of course we all
choose what event we go to or do not go to for vary different reasons. That
is what makes this a fun organization.

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many of us dont like it.

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