[Elfsea] A loss to the Ansteorran Royal Pack

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Having had many cats live with us, I can understand the loss of such a
friend.  Most of the cats we have are rescued cats and each one touches us
in a very special way.  May Streaker find a long a fruitful life on the
other side and may he be willing to run and romp with you when you go to
join him.  At least we hope to play with those who have gone before us,
regardless of their age (our oldest was 19 years old at the time of his
passing over).


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My friends, it is with a heavy heart that I must tell you that last night at
9:35pm, the last day of the month of September -- during the Harvest Moon--
Streaker crossed the rainbow bridge to chase fat rabbits in green fields.
He passed quietly and without pain surrounded by those who loved him.
Sunday, the rest of the pack must have known that he was going because they
spent the day lying next to him.  The emergency surgeon said that it appears
he had cancer of the spleen and it hemorrhaged.  Surgery would not be an
option at his advanced age.  He fought until the end.

Many of you have met his quiet demeanor and gentle soul.  We had the honor
of having him live with us out at White o' Morn for the past year.  Today I
will be laying him to rest beneath the bed of flowers that we would find him
laying on in the evenings watching the stars and guarding the pastures.  He
taught us that no matter how upset someone was, or who was arguing about
what, any situation could be solved by heading out the doggy door and
walking through the grass and laying in the sun.

He leaves behind his pack, Lucky Dog, Mouse, Charmchaser, Ali-Boo-Boo,
Bruinidhgh's Rhihl, Winsome Lass, and his friends Mistress Elizabeth,
Mistress Ronna, Lady Aimee, Master Petruccio, the warden of bunnies under
the workhouse, and the farm cats.  Anyone attending Ansteorran Crown this
weekend who wishes to share remembrances, please seek us out.

I leave you all with these verses, not just for him--but for all the greys
out there in homes and looking for homes.

A Greyhound's Prayer
    by Patrick Cuccurello, known as Petruccio in the Society for Creative

My dear God,
I curl up now upon my bed, made of warmth and love.
It was not long ago it was made of steel and paper.
My ears are filled with the sounds of joy and laughter.
It was not long ago they were filled with the roar of the crowd.
My days are filled with freedom and running with the wind.
It was not long ago they were filled with the muzzle and the lead.
My heart is filled with knowing the gentle love of a family.
It was not long ago that I was alone.
My sleep now knows the warmth of a touch and the love of a scratch.
It was not long ago that the cold night was my only embrace.
I thank you dear God for these tender hearts that have taken me
  into their home to love and care for me.
May you make more of them for my brothers and sisters.

Life is short--Eat well, Live fully, and Love completely.
May your lives at some time be blessed with an unconditional Love as ours
has been.


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