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Tim I will be there to help


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	Greetings unto the fair Baronies of Elfsea and Steppes!

	For those who do not know, I am in charge of the printing for
	Law, that will be mailed shortly.  Her Majesty has requested that
	be ready by Crown Tournament, which is this coming weekend.  My
	printer, large and powerful though it is, does not fold and staple
	paper.  As such I am in need of people to assist in folding and
	stapling Kingdom Law.

	On Wednesday night of this week I am going to open my house to any
	can come to try and get this done.  If there is any way you can
	some time, any time, on this evening to help with this effort it
	be greatly appreciated.  Please do not assume others will help,
	hand is needed.

	Anyone who can bring extra large staplers (capable of reaching the
	middle of an 8.5x11 sheet of paper) would have my undieing
	I have three, and will provide the staples.

	I will be providing pizza and drinks for those who help.

	My house is at :

	1102 Angel Fire Lane
	Arlington, TX 76001

	My phone number : 817-419-2813

	Timothy of Glastonbury

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