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Mon Oct 1 11:37:17 PDT 2001

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As Ldy Ameline has put it - perhaps it is our way of thinking that limits us,
and our softer modern way of living.  I used to walk 2 miles home from school
(no, no dinosaurs or in the snow).  At the event, my feet hurt like heck and
I felt I'd walked back to Ft. Worth.  Perhaps we need to "shape up" for
events.  Do the Richard Simmons bit of "Tote that water bucket", "Hold that
tent pole in place, count to ten", "Chop that wood, 1,2,3,4....) I can see a
whole line of us in garb.....Well, it sounds more like a Monty Python skit,
but I know I'm no where near the perfect "Middle Ages" shape where you wake
up at dawn, walk 2 miles to the town oven to bake, walk back, fix breakfast,
wash the clothes by hand....you know what I mean.  Maybe the sites aren't
failing to measure up, perhaps our expectations are set at a higher modern
level  (this doesn't include the people with true disabilities or
limitations, those are a different consideration altogether).  A Nordic Track
get together?  The benefits far out weigh(t) the drawbacks.  And for those
who can't carry 5 gallons of water from the spigot - we are a very chivalrous
group who always lend a hand where needed. (please note this is not being
critical of ANYONE, just a comment on how I feel - physically exhausted after
a weekend event)

I'll get off the soap box, perhaps I should use it for step training????

Sermo datur cunctis, animi sapientia paucis.
Speech is given to many, intelligence to few.

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