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Sorry for having been off-line for the last couple of days, but pampering
a household that has sinus infections takes a little time.

I Have A Dream . . . . . Land

I would first like to start this off by saying that I have no problems
with Tanglewood itself.  In fact, I find it as inspiring as the site used
by Raven’s Fort.  I truly enjoyed the sight and being able to gaze up at
the stars and walk with my lady in peace, love and just a little
tranquillity.  Having to walk a little way for water, or to remember to
fill the solar showers for that evening didn’t even slow me down.  But it
did remind me of my own childhood and some of the things that I would like
out of like.

I found it inspiring.

Inspiring enough to take some of the plans that one of my friends in
Namron has and look at them again from the light of the Barony or the
Kingdom at large.  It can be done.  I’m not saying that it would be easy
or quick.  But that with hard work and planning, many peoples dreams can
come alive in this current middle ages.

But then again, I may be beating a dead horse (again).

But, for those that do want to hear what I’ve come up with, they can read

Please also remember that even though I may dream big, this also applies
to the Baronial level as well.

First off, for a Kingdom level War field, you need about 100+ acres to
work with.  If you find land around  Mexia or just east of Waco, then you
may have the regular support of four large Baronies.  But the land in
Texas is expensive.  If you find that kind of land around Ardmore (OK),
then you have the support for three large baronies.  The land is cheaper
and only about an hour and a half from each barony.

At the same time, you find out from the Barons and the populace of each of
the Baronies how much support there is for such a venture.  Also, you find
out from the populace what they exactly want in there own war field.  Once
the preliminary scouting has been done, then the legal and finical work
can begin.

One way to get backing for such a venture is to form a Ansteorrian co-op
and selling off lots around the edge of the land to people to use as
weekend get-away's and the like.  The pricing of the lots could be twice
the price of what the land is valued at and sell it off in half acre
lots.  Land grants could also be sold off in quarter acre lots.  Of
course, all kinds of covenants and legal issues would apply.  At that
point, the people that own the land is actually the co-op and not the

When a third is promised off / sold then the actual work could begin.
Laying down water and electrical lines.  Drilling wells, laying down roads
and clearing as it is needed.  But between 3-4 baronies, the work should
progress quite swiftly.  It just has to be understood that the major event
of the baronies would be held on this land.  In that way, you have a
steady income to help improve and pay for the land.

The first year would be a little rough, but it would only get better over
time.  The roads that lead into the land may be a little rough, but the
first things that need to go into the land would need to be a good bath
house central to the land.  Then from there, things will spread out.  Then
flush toilets and a large feast hall.

But it can be done.  A third of the land is paid off at the beginning of
things, and with 3-4 baronies having two major events per year on the land
at $5 a head, it would have an income of about $15,000-$20,000 for the
major improvements.  The minor improvements would be left up to the
holders of the land grants and the like.

After about five years, you would then be in a position of holding a War
in Ansteorra.  Perhaps in the middle of summer opposite of Pensic and call
it the Fools War.  Or something like that.  Wars are where the land will
really pay for itself.  At $20 a head for 3000 or so that could attend in
the first couple of years; that would bring in $60,000 to go for stuff
like a gothic chapel, bath houses, great hall, equestrian barns and the

That also doesn’t count using the land to breed deer and/or sheep for the
feasts.  This would also keep the underbrush down as well.

Now I know that I’m leaving a bunch of things out and there are many good
ideas that can be done out there.  But it is at least a place to start.

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