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Tue Oct 2 16:42:46 PDT 2001

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One problem I can see is that as lots change hands down the line the owners
might not always be in favor of large wars, drinking, large scale camping or
all night carousing or vigils or whatever.  If they form a lot owners
association enough people not favoring our activities could get us banned
from the very site we create. I worked at a tax office and have seen those
co-op "campgrounds" turn into subdivisions with restrictions.  Horseshoe Bend
in Parker County is one example and Lake Texoma is another.

Now the SCA being a corporation possibly could own "recreational areas" like
General Dynamics/Lockhead have across the state.  The could be used for
private SCA events and also mundane events to raise money to pay the taxes.
That way the SCA keeps control of the Property and it's uses.  It would a
good idea to investigate the legal responsibilities and ramifications with an
attorney as I am not one but I think it would be a possibility.

Also if land in Texas is previously in Agricultural ( 1-d-1) Appraisal at the
local tax office it can be switched to Wildlife Management Appraisal if it's
use fulfills the qualifications.  Inquire at your local tax office for the
details of the qualifications, but I believe providing refuge for a deer herd
might qualify.  Also using the land for conservation education is one of the

I think a Barony or Kingdom owned recreational area is a do-able prospect.

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