[Elfsea] Burned out

Richard Threlkeld rjt at softwareinnovation.com
Tue Oct 2 20:19:48 PDT 2001

<steps on soapbox>

It is not just you, but it is in part because we are not
recruiting as many new members as we had in the past. We
are talking to about as many, but not attracting them into
the group. We need to really work hard on demos and
listening to what newcomers want from us.

Sometimes we get into selling the SCA and forget to listen
for what might attract them to us. We do need to sell the
SCA, but listen carefully and find someone who is both
a welcoming person and a person who is interested in what
the want - then connect them.

If we do not recruit enough new blood and we hold many
events, then the "same culprits" will be drafted to
do all the work over and over. That is the prescription
for burnout.

One solution is to reduce the number of events we do. We
are doing that this year. But that is a two-edged sword.
Many of us want to invest money in various trappings or
things which would make life easier for the group. They
see we have over $7,000 in the bank and think we should
spend some of it for these things. That $7,000 is the
minimum amount we need to (1) meet the budget for a year
and (2) survive a really bad event of the Defender/Springfaire
size. We cannot drop below that. So, if we want to spend
more money, we must make more money and that usually means
hosting popular events.

Popular local events also help recruiting. But both Elfsea
and Steppes are hard pressed at this time to get up any
enthusiasm for more local events. Tis a quandary.

I am sure this will start a bevy of comments. What do
you think?

<steps down from soapbox>

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> Hola!
> I have been dealing with a really bad problem of burn out. Ok,
> Ok, I know I
> was warned that if I didn't slow down I would burn out (so I don't want to
> hear any "told you so's". :)
> Are we all dealing with burn-out since we have had such a busy summer with
> all the events we have hosted? Or is it just me?
> How do you deal with burn out when it happens?
> Maria
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