[Elfsea] Burned out

Sluggy! slugmusk at linuxlegend.com
Tue Oct 2 23:15:24 PDT 2001

hristine Huse wrote:

> I have been dealing with a really bad problem of burn out. Ok, Ok, I know I
> was warned that if I didn't slow down I would burn out (so I don't want to
> hear any "told you so's". :)

Luckily, I didn't tell you so... ;)

> How do you deal with burn out when it happens?

Of course, burnout is not unique to the SCA, though it is common here :)

Personally, I like to escape whatever I'm burned out on. In the case of
the SCA, it not the SCA and my friends that I burn out on, but duties.

Last year, Lady Gabrielle and I went to Mooneshadowe's 20th Guardian,
pretty much unplanned. We had such a wonderful time. That group is very
warm and friendly, but beyond any of that, we realized that much of our
enjoyment was because neither of us had any specific responsibilities.
We were _at_ an event, not helping put one on. It was a huge relief.

Obviously, this is not the only solution, but the concept is to escape
what you are burned out on. In our case at that time, we'd spent most of
a year preparing for Gulf War IX, followed rapid-fire by Coronation and
Spring Faire, then came the heavy preparation for Lughnasad as well as
some medical concerns. Once all that was past, we needed a break.



  ... because I'm a huge Beach Boys fan. I'll
  never forget the first time I saw them in
  person, back in 1964, at a fantastic concert
  in New York... Wait, no, it was Philadelphia,
  and it might have been 1967. And come to think
  of it, it wasn't the Beach Boys; it was the
  Bee Gees. Or maybe the Turtles. It was
  definitely a plural name. Although, now that
  I think of it, I'm not 100 percent sure I
  was there.

                               Dave Barry

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