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> Popular local events also help recruiting. But both Elfsea and Steppes are
> hard pressed at this time to get up any enthusiasm for more local events.
> Tis a quandary.

Perhaps more non-camping day tripping events rather than the extended weekend
type?  These seem to be easier on everyone. not that these don't take
tremendous planning and work.  But I remember when I first started there were
more revels and small events and some that were even held on Sundays.  The
major problems (showers, burn bans, water, etc) disappear.  A dry site then
becomes a minor annoyance.  Handicap accessability is solved.  Burn out is
less likely.  Fun doesn't have to be three hours travel away.  And local
public events might spark more interest, hence more members.  It takes a new
member quite some time to build up a camp kit.  Day events only need the bare
minimum (a quick t-tunic and thrift store feast gear - usually $25 or less).

But that's just my wishful thinking.

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