[Elfsea] Burned out

SiobhanON@aol.com SiobhanON at aol.com
Wed Oct 3 06:32:03 PDT 2001

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     All of the answers I have read are good advice. Pace yourself. For the
next few months you need to relax more and work less. If you need fewer
responsibilities, please let us know and we will work to ease the burden.
Take an event or two to just play with no work involved. You can wander
around when you feel like it or go to your tent and rest whenever you want.
Don't make the family new clothes for every event and try doing some relaxing
needlepoint or just sitting and chatting with people. Try being more of an
observer instead of an active participant for a little while. Yes, the Barony
has been a little stressed out in resources and activities with so many
events. As a Barony we need to revel a little more and rebuild our energy and
enthusiam. Of course, a few world changing occurances of late have added to
our stress so maybe more reveling is a necessity. I'm gonna start tonight. It
is Whitneys birthday and it is going to be family night. Dan and I got her a
punching bag because that is what she truly wanted. Watch out, I see a future
fighter in the making.

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